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Lacrosse Tip | By: Staff Kacie Lewis

Improve Your Lacrosse Shot With These 3 Tips

Improve Lacrosse Shot Speed Tips

Kacie Lewis, Cal Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach and Instructor at Cal Sports Camps, was nice enough to let us in on 3 tips that every lacrosse player should practice in order to improve their shot!

  1. Change Your Levels on Fakes - Visualize the cage as 3 different levels when shooting: low, middle and high. The goal of changing levels is to get the goalie moving in the opposite direction of where you want to shoot to score, thus opening up your real target area. For example, if you want to shoot high then fake low or if you want to place it stick side middle, fake your shot to your off side high.
  2. Always Follow Through To Your Target - Always have your hips facing toward the goal while driving toward the cage and continue driving to the cage as opposed toward the outside of the 8m. When releasing the shot, your head shot finish right where you want your shot to score. Following through with your top hand allows you to do this consistently.
  3. Vary Your Shots - Having a variety of shots you can execute, makes you a serious threat on the attack and hard to stop. Whether it's a power shot, finesse, riser, bounce shot, or top corner off-side hip, it's much harder for the goalie to make a save and the defense to make a stop when neither know where your shot may go.

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