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How to Become a Consistent Server in Volleyball

Cal Volleyball Serving Tip

In volleyball, being a consistent server can be the difference between being an average and being an elite player. Coaches look for dependable servers who can deliver when it counts. Here a few tips we teach at our Cal Volleyball Camps and how to properly achieve a slide jump serve.

  1. Start with the ball in your hand. If you are left handed, the ball will be in your right hand, and if you are right handed, the ball will be in your left hand.     
  2. Position yourself on the end line, and run along it, giving yourself a low toss in the air.
  3. If you are right handed, jump off your left leg and swing your arm fast, torking your body towards the net. If you are left handed, jump off of your right leg.
  4. To do a spin serve, hit the ball just above the center and to do a float serve, hit the ball in the center. 

Spin serves can be difficult to achieve, so they are typically used by intermediate to advanced athletes. Players who can perfect a spin serve are asset to a team and typically standout servers. Spin serves can be hard for the opposing team to pass because they tend to drop sharply and a few feet in front of where the passer was expecting.   

Float serves are useful when serving because they are unpredictable and can be impacted by wind currents. This can make them drop or swerve unexpectedly, making it difficult for the opposing team to control and send back over the net. 

When learning a new skill in volleyball, the most important thing to remember is repetition. Work hard, play hard, and get better this summer. Learn this and more at one of our Cal Volleyball Camps this summer! 

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